Conference Papers

To enable more informed conversations among participants and attendees during the conference, below you will find papers to complement the speakers' presentations.

Tiya Miles, Tracing African American Life in Native American Spaces

Dylan Penningroth, Faith and Property in African American History

Deborah Gray White, From New Negro to Post-Black: Shifts in Black Identity

Thavolia Glymph, “Between Slavery and Freedom”: Rethinking the Slaves’ War

Walter Johnson, Slavery, Racial Capitalism, and Human Rights

Brenda E. Stevenson, Ritualizing Black Family in the Wake of Freedom

Leslie M. Harris, What Makes a Successful City? The View from African American History

Carl Nightingale, Diascalar Perspectives on American Urban Color Lines: How Words We Imported Long Ago from Abroad Can Inspire Transnational Histories for the Future

Joe William Trotter, Jr., Shifting Perspectives on Segregation in the Emerging Postindustrial Age

Eric Arnesen, “Pursuing Economic Emancipation: Black Workers and the Labor Question in the Twentieth Century”

Adrienne Monteith Petty, African Americans and the Enduring Quest for Land

Shane White, The Colored American Anti-Masonic Grocery Association and Other Stories of Black Business

Carol Anderson, “Hang your conscience on a peg”: The African National Congress and the NAACP’s Efforts to Stop the World Bank’s Loans to Apartheid South Africa, 1948‑1953

T. Ruby Patterson Myers, Forging Freedoms: Internationalization of African American History

Barbara D. Savage, Professor Merze Tate: Diplomatic Historian, Cosmopolitan Woman

James Sidbury, "Just Before God and Man": Legal Traditions and Constitutional Visions in Early Freetown, Sierra Leone and the United States

Dolores Hayden, The Shapes of Time

George W. McDaniel, To Uplift Our Hearts: Building Bridges through Historic Preservation

Dorothy Spruill Redford, Seeing History Whole