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Nick Salvatore

Friday, May 2003:45 - 05:30 PM

Session 4

Capitalism and the Making and Unmaking of Black America

Nick Salvatore received his B.A. from Hunter College in the Bronx (now Lehman College), CUNY, and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, both in History. At Berkeley he studied with Leon F. Litwack, Lawrence Levine, and Robert Bellah. He is the author of Eugene V. Debs: Citizen and Socialist (1982), which won the Bancroft Prize and the John H. Dunning Prize; We All Got History: The Memory Books of Amos Webber (1996); and Singing In A Strange Land: C. L. Franklin, The Black Church, and the Transformation of America (2005). He has also edited three volumes and authored various articles and review articles. His current book project is a study of the evolving relationship between capitalism and American democracy in the ante-bellum Republic.

*Since the NEH was founded, the agency has awarded more than $171 million to nearly three thousand projects on African American history and culture. Salvatore has been a recipient of NEH funding.

AFFILIATION: Cornell University